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      Reasons in using our Products
    Replace all the remote controls
    -Touch Panels centralize and replace all the remote controls of all devices. Market Leader
    -We are the 1st in using Energy-Saving Zigbee Technology.
    -The simple concept of the Media Bus Control makes it the most reliable of the market.
    Full Flexibility
    -The Communication between Touch Panel and Controller is facilitated by Wired Bus, Radio Wireless, Infrared, Ethernet power line or Wifi. Controller can be assembled to cover all devices irrespective of how many of them.
    Open Architecture (Custom designed available)
    -The Desktop of the Touch Panel can be designed to suit your satisfaction.
    -Controllers can be driven as well by a standard PC, a Pocket PC, a Smartphone or by a classic infrared remote control.
    Reasonable Price
    -The Above Reason supports Media Bus Control to be the most
    Economic and most Powerful Automation System with acceptable Price.


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